Drinking Fountain Beverage Automatic Dispenser

Effective Price : Regular price $ 23.89 USD

  •  Beverage Dispenser keeps your soda fizzy and turns the bottle into a beer key-like pouring
  •  No more heavy lifting the big bottle of cola/beer!
  •  No more spilling the drink everywhere!
  •  You just twist the dispenser on to the top of a plastic 2 liter bottle, then flip the bottle upside down to dispense drinks;
  •  Just push down to dispense drinks. The soda will stay carbonated and you can pour it right from your fridge
  •  Perfect for kids parties, BBQ parties, camping or any other family gatherings. 
  •  If your drink is not carbonated drink, then please use the pin to pinch the installed bottle's bottom to create pressure - as shown in the picture
  •  So much more convenient with our small gadget.