LED Motion Sensor Toilet Light

Effective Price : Regular price $ 15.89 USD

  •  Fits ANY Toilet!! Flexible are that will take the shape of any type toilet. Never has going to the bathroom been such fun and your kids are in awe with it, A Colorful Rainbow Toilet! Your little kid loves it and it helps your lovely kid goes to toilet during night without waking you up.
  •  Motion-Activated\Light Sensitive.Night Light Wattage is 0.1 W,Protection Level is IP 20,Delay time is 120 Seconds,Sensing Distance is 3 Meters,Lighting Time is 8 hours
  •  You don't need to worry about turning the night light off when you don't want to use it because it only turns on when motion is detected therefore the batteries won't run out instantly, the motion sensor is pretty good because when you walk past your toilet at night time it turns on, A Fun Way To Go To The Toilet Especially at Night!
  •  The night light has 8 colors built in which are Red, orange, blue, green, aqua, purple, pink and white which look absolutely fantastic at night.
  •  The night led requires 3 x AAA batteries to be inserted (not included) for it to power up so that it alternates between each of the colors but if you prefer you can just have it set on just one constant color instead of it changing and has a plastic arm between the battery/motion sensor and led itself, the plastic arm is pretty flexible and fits perfectly on the brim of my toilet so every-time you go for a toilet you won't need to worry about the led being in the way which is great.